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Required courses

Eighteen of the 24 credit hours must be completed from the following courses:

  • Philosophy 2230 Moral philosophy
  • One of: Philosophy 2552 Mental health ethics; Philosophy 2551 Health ethics; or Philosophy 2561 Environmental ethics
  • One advanced 3000 or 4000 level course in philosophy of law or ethics, approved by the Coordinator (not including Philosophy 4900 or 4300-4310) - see note below
  • Philosophy 4900 or Philosophy 4300-4310 Seminar in ethics
  • Philosophy 5000 Instructional field placement in applied ethics
  • 2 elective courses in philosophy or cognate disciplines, approved by the Coordinator

NOTE: Advanced (3000 or 4000 level) courses in Ethics and Law: The calender entry does not specify which courses satisfy the requirement for one advanced course in ethics or law,, but there are several courses in Philosophy as well as Religious Studies and Political Science that fulfill this requirement, and others may do so depending on the specific subject matter to be covered. Leaving the requirement general allows the Program Coordinator to work with the student to assess the relevance of particular 3000 or 4000 level courses.

Specific courses that would satisfy the requirement include:

  • Philosophy 3851 (Kant's Ethics)
  • Philosophy 3870 (Utilitarianism)
  • Philosophy 4350-4360 (Seminar in the Philosophy of Law)
  • Religious Studies (Religion and Bioethics)
  • Political Science (Law and Society)

Courses that may satisfy the requirement, depending on the the specific subject matter to be covered, include:

  • Philosophy 4700-4790 (Seminar in Special Authors and Texts)
  • Philosophy 4800-4890 (Seminar in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Philosophy)