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The Diploma is open to a limited number of students annually who have either completed a university degree or are in the process of completing a degree program. In the case of those students who have not been awarded a university degree before entering the Diploma, an undergraduate degree must be completed before the certificate will be awarded.

Selection for the Diploma program will be based on previous academic performance, professional and volunteer experience, and student interest.

These groups, in particular, may be interested in pursuing this Diploma:

  • Practising professionals: Mature adults working in the community (health care, government, business) who have come to understand from their professional experience the need for studies in ethics, and who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills in a university setting by studying part-time.
  • Students preparing for professional schools: Students who are planning to enter Social Work, Nursing, Medicine or other professional schools after their B.A. or B.Sc.
  • Students in arts and science: Students who wish to augment their theoretical undergraduate studies with applied, practical skills related to future employment. They may take the program during their undergraduate degree or as a supplemental upgrade after graduating.