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Benefits of MUPS/CAPSI Membership


There are many reasons to be a member of MUPS/CAPSI.

The most obvious of these is the orientation week. The MUPS orientation committee exerts significant effort to provide a memorable and rewarding introduction to the School of Pharmacy.

Other activities or events that MUPS/CAPSI provide for its members include:

  • CAPSI/Apotex Backpack Presentation - As a sign of national unity, all CAPSImembers receive a backpack with the CAPSI logo on it.
  • CAPSI/Novopharm Binder Presentation - All CAPSI members receive a binder that they will be able to use during their years of study, and beyond.
  • CAPSI Agenda - Helps you be organized for your classes and exams, as well as providing information about CAPSI.
  • CAPSI Competitions - Each year, CAPSI conducts several national competitions in compounding, patient interviewing and literary skills.We encourage you to participate (even, in first year!), and we guarantee you will learn and have fun at the same time.
  • Professional Development Week (PDW) - A National Conference that will allow you to hear outstanding and motivating speakers and educational events that will supplement your current education and future pharmacy skills. As well, PDW allows you the opportunity to meet future colleagues from across Canada and participate in social events that give you a flavor of local culture. Laval University, in Quebec City played host in 2005, In 2005, Montreal will be hosting.
  • The Annual Career Fair - Make contacts with representatives from pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies. These people are interested in meeting with pharmacy students to develop the foundation of a professional relationship now and in the future.
  • Professional Development Day - A day of educational programs where you will cover a variety of pertinent topics that there just isn't time for in the curriculum.
  • CAPSI Symposia - A forum for hot topics in the world of pharmacy.
  • Practice OSCEs - Although it may seem far away, graduation comes quickly! To become a licensed pharmacist, you have to write a national exam called the PEBCs. There are two parts to the exam - a written and an OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Evaluation). To help you get ready for the OSCE part, CAPSI and MUPS host a practice session for the final year students in February/March. Your membership gives you a discounted fee to participate and enhance your skills.
  • MUPS/CAPSI act on your behalf during discussions with the faculty in the School of Pharmacy.
  • The MUPS Sports Representative coordinates the intramural sporting events for members.
  • MUPS pays the intramural fees for its members. The MUPS Social Representative coordinates mixers and other social events so you can meet other pharmacy students as well as students in the other health disciplines at Memorial.
  • MUPS/CAPSI acts as a suggestion box and a voice for students of the School of Pharmacy.

We encourage you to become active in the planning and participation of our events. There are opportunities for everyone to become involved.