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Student Health Resources

Memorial University offers a suite of services to students to ensure a healthy student-life balance. 

Wellness Program - This programs offers information about a range of wellness topics, including depression, drug and alcohol awareness, eating disorders, sexually transmitted infections, stress management, and more. 

Student Health Centre - Clinicians working at Student Health have expertise in the diagnosis and management of health concerns common to university students, including contraception, sexually transmitted infections, women's health, mood disorders - among others.

Counselling Centre - Offering academic support programming, students learn to apply strategies for managing university-level academic work more effectively. A crisis counselor is also available for students who feel they need to be seen immediately.

Blundon Centre for Students with Disabilities - The Blundon Centre's mission is to provide and co-ordinate programs and services that enable students with disabilities to mazimize their educational potential and to increase awareness of inclusive values among all members of the university community.

Provincial Resources

Newfoundland and Labrador Healthline - 1-888-709-2929, offered 24-7.

Mental Health Services Crisis Line - 1-888-737-4668, offered 24-7.

Sexual Assault Crisis and Prevention Centre - 1-800-726-2743

Planned Parenthood - 1-877-NO-MYTHS (666-9847)

Smokers' Helpline - 1-800-363-5864