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Our Programs & Student Experiences

When you give to program enrichment, you are making a significant difference in the lives of our students. Donations to program enrichment ensure that our students are able to participate in exciting travel experiences and gain valuable insights into new research areas while lessening their financial burdens. The following program enrichment areas have been designated funding priorities to guarantee that our students will be able to participate in all that the School of Pharmacy has to offer.

Annual Industrial Trip
Each year students from the School of Pharmacy travel across Canada to learn about pharmacy in an industrial setting. This travel will take them to places like Montreal or Toronto to witness the manufacturing divisions of major pharmaceutical companies and their practices of creating and distributing medications. The industrial trip is an extraordinary opportunity that leads many students onto different niche areas of pharmacy and is an invaluable part of their experiential learning education.

Lecture Series
The ability to offer lecture series allows the School of Pharmacy to invite distinguished scholars and researchers to speak to our faculty and students about new and important subjects in pharmacy. These lecture series also allow the School of Pharmacy to welcome alumni and friends to our campus, so that they may learn and enjoy the same benefits as our students.

Student Travel Grants
Travel grants allow students to gain national experience, opportunities to participate in academic conferences and subsidize the costs of travel to Structured Practice Experiences (SPE). We want our students to be able to make the most of their university experience and travel grants will allow both our undergraduate and graduate students the advantages they need to compete on a national level.

Travel Bursaries
Memorial University is extremely fortunate in its ability to offer an international experience to our students. The Harlow Campus situated in Harlow, England, offers our students the ability to observe and practice pharmacy in a different country. In addition, students have the once-in-a-lifetime ability to travel to different parts of the British Isles and to other European counties as part of their semester abroad. This wonderful experience can be cost prohibitive for some of our students and the School of Pharmacy wishes to ensure that our students have equal opportunities to partake in the Harlow exchange programs.

For more information on how you can support program enrichment at the School of Pharmacy, please contact:

Darcy McMeekin

Development Officer
School of Pharmacy
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL
Canada A1C 5S7
tel. (709) 777-8977
fax. (709) 777-7044
*All gifts to the university are tax deductible.