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Preceptor Training & Resources

Structured Practice Experience Policy Handbook

This handbook provides information about the Structured Practice Experience (SPE) Program. It outlines the SPE program structure, administration and policies and reviews the expectations of the School of Pharmacy for students completing practice experience rotations as a component of the pharmacy academic program. Access the complete handbook.

Training Resources for Preceptors

The resources below have been developed to provide guidance in the management and evaluation of a Structured Practice Experience program that will benefit both the preceptor and student.

  1. University of British Columbia E-Tips Program for Practice Education

    Please follow the link below for an overview on how to access the UBC E-Tips Training Program site and a brief synopsis of the topics that are covered in this free, online training program.

  2. Dalhousie University Preceptor eLearning Course

    Dalhousie University's eLearning Course is designed to provide comprehensive information and support to preceptors. It is organized in four modules which include: the role of the preceptor, teaching methods and learning style, feedback and evaluation and supporting students. Access the Preceptor eLearning Course.

    This program has been accredited by the Dalhousie Continuing Pharmacy Education program for four Continuing Education Units (CEU). The Certificate of Completion can be printed online.

  3. University of Virginia Preceptor Development Program - Providing Feedback

    Learning goals for this module include identification of the defining characteristics of feedback; barriers that often prevent preceptors from providing feedback; an approach for providing effective feedback and ways to incorporate feedback into a busy workplace setting. Access the module.

  4. University of Virginia Preceptor Development Program - Evaluating Your Student

    This learning module defines evaluation; distinguishes between evaluation and feedback; identifies characteristics of constructive feedback and describes the G-R-A-D-E strategy for evaluation. Access the module.