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Preceptor Criteria

SPE Program Preceptor Criteria

Being a preceptor can be a very rewarding experience for a pharmacist. The work performed by preceptors in supervising and educating pharmacy students is extremely valued by the School of Pharmacy.

Pharmacists wishing to serve as preceptors must normally meet the following criteria:

  • Be currently lcensed to practice pharmacy and be in good standing with the provincial regulatory body with no restrictions placed upon their practice.

  • Have been licensed for a minimum of 21 months.

  • Have a minimum of three months “on site” experience, to provide adequate familiarity with systems and patients. 

  • Have completed one of the following free online courses (or other acceptable preceptor education program):
    • University of British Columbia E-Tips Program for Practice Education
    • Dalhousie University Preceptor eLearning Course
    • Please note: The training is valid for three years
  • Be willing to accept responsibility for the student during the SPE period and must be the pharmacist most directly involved with the student for at least 50% of the student's hours in the pharmacy, and be accountable for providing learning opportunities for the student. Pharmacists who are also responsible for the operations of the pharmacy (ie., owners, managers) should consider whether these added responsibilities would interfere with their ability to meet this requirement.

  • Be willing to assess student performance by providing ongoing feedback on a regular basis; and completing required evaluation forms.

  • Have only one student under their responsibility during the training period. Exceptions to this criterion may be permissible.

  • Must not be immediately related to the student (meaning a person connected with another by blood relationship, marriage, conjugal relationship or adoption).

  • Must not have any relationship with the student that could preclude the preceptor giving an honest and unbiased assessment of the student’s performance or could be perceived as a conflict of interest (this would include any person in a business, financial or contractual relationship with the student).

Practice Site Criteria

The practice site should:

  • Display high standards of pharmacy practice and meet all legal and professional standards.
  • Maintain adequate staffing to ensure sufficient opportunities for patient interaction and allow the preceptor and student sufficient opportunity to interact in a teacher-student role.
  • Provide an environment that allows the student access to work space and required reference materials.

  • Ensure that all pharmacists at the site are in good standing with the provincial regulatory body and not have restrictions placed upon their practice.
  • Where applicable, have been licensed and in operation for at least 6 months, and have a prescription volume that allows for adequate opportunities for the student to learn (i.e. not too low OR too high).

For more information about the SPE program - or how you can become a preceptor - please contact me anytime:

Ms. Wanda Spurrell
Structured Practice Experience Program Coordinator
School of Pharmacy
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Rm. H3442, Health Sciences Centre
St. John's, NL
Canada A1C 5S7
tel. (709) 777-6498
fax. (709) 777-7044