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Call for Preceptors

This is a Call for Preceptors for the School of Pharmacy's Structured Practice Experience (SPE) Program for the Spring-Summer 2014.

As part of the pharmacy program, students are required to complete three SPEs, each of four weeks duration, and one SPE of twelve weeks duration as follows:

  • Four weeks in a community pharmacy after the first year of the Pharmacy program (Pharmacy 201W);
  • Four weeks in a hospital setting after the second year of the program (Pharmacy 302W);
  • Four weeks in a community pharmacy after the third year of the program (Pharmacy 403W);
  • Twelve weeks in clinical practice during the Winter semester of the final year of the Pharmacy program (Pharmacy 500X).

For the 2014 Spring-Summer period:

  • We need placements in community pharmacies for 81 students from the classes of 2015 and 2017.
  • We need placements in hospital pharmacies for 40 students from the class of 2016.

The placements will typically take place during the month of May in community and possibly throughout the summer for hospital.

Students are assigned to sites and preceptors, rather than selecting their own.

In keeping with the philosophy that the SPEs are intended to be a practical educational experience and not just a work experience, students are not permitted to be paid.

Having said that, the Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board requires an additional 20 weeks of pharmacy practice experience for licensing/registration purposes, so students may seek employment with you after completion of the 4-week SPE.

Being an SPE preceptor does not obligate you to provide such employment but we do encourage you to consider providing a student with additional practice experience.

Preceptor and site criteria developed by the Joint Committee on Structured Practice Experience are attached. We trust you will consider serving as a preceptor.

Acting as a preceptor is recognized as a pharmacy education source and participating pharmacists are eligible to receive continuing education credits.

We would like to be able to assign the students to their sites as early as possible. I am confident that, with your cooperation, we will be able to accommodate everyone.

If you are willing to be a preceptor for a student in the pharmacy program, please return the reply form by November 29, 2013.

The SPE Program would not be possible without the contribution and commitment of dedicated pharmacists. As you know, experiential education is critical to becoming a competent pharmacist.

Many thanks to all who have previously participated in the Practice Experience Program. To those who have not yet participated, we look forward to your involvement in the future.

If you have any questions about being a preceptor in the SPE Program, please do not hesitate to contact Wanda Spurrell at (709) 777-6498 or .

For more information about the SPE program - or how you can become a preceptor - please contact me anytime:

Ms. Wanda Spurrell
Structured Practice Experience Program Coordinator
School of Pharmacy
Memorial University of Newfoundland
Rm. H3442, Health Sciences Centre
St. John's, NL
Canada A1C 5S7
Tel: (709) 777-6498
Fax: (709) 777-7044