School of Pharmacy News

Greg Batt (Class of 2010)

Greg Batt (Class of 2010) grew up in his father’s pharmacy in Twillingate knowing, even as a young boy, that he would follow in his father’s footsteps and become a pharmacist. 


Jillian McInnis (left) and Dr. Jeremy Desai

The third annual Pharmacy Research Day was action-packed on March 16.

Chad Parsons, Class of 2003

Chad Parsons (Class of 2003), associate-owner of the Shoppers Drug Mart in the Goulds, always saw himself being involved in the healthcare eld while owning and running a business. 


Karen Brown (left) quit smoking three years ago working with Dr. Leslie Phillips (right).

Hash(tag) - you quit! 

To promote awareness and support others through the sharing of successful quit smoking stories, the School of Pharmacy is encouraging individuals whose lives improved by leaving their cigarettes in the ashes to share their experiences and photos on social media by using the hashtag #quitsmokingNL.