Smoking Cessation Program

Smoking Cessation Program

The Smoking Cessation program is a pharmacist-led clinic that offers smoking cessation services including medication and counseling for individuals who wish to make a quit attempt.

The provided service can be tailored to suit individual client needs but typically involves:

One or two pre-quit visits in which we:

• Collect information about smoking history including previous quit attempts and other health conditions/treatments

• Work with the client to identify smoking triggers and develop strategies to manage them

• Provide education on behavioural therapies/strategies to manage cravings and other signs of nicotine withdrawal

• Assess nicotine dependence

• Provide education on the available cessation medications

• Develop a comprehensive quit plan which may include counseling, medication or a combination of both.

A number of post-quit visits in which we:

• Assess and support abstinence

• Ensure proper cessation medication use and assess its efficacy and tolerability

• Identify and help manage lapses

For those interested in making a change in their tobacco use, but not ready to set a quit date, assistance with other strategies such as practice quit attempts and reduce-to-quit initiatives can be offered.



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