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Pre-requisite courses

Before you apply to the School of Pharmacy at Memorial University, you must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours including the following courses at Memorial University or their equivalencies at a recognized university or college: (Click on the subject for detailed course descriptions)

  • Biology 1001 and 1002 – Principles of Biology (6.0 credit hrs)
  • Chemistry 1050 and 1051 or equivalent – (Example: Chemistry 1010, 1011 and 1051). Where 1st year Chemistry courses are completed at institutions other than Memorial and where transfer credit will be awarded for Chemistry 1010 and 1011, but not Chemistry 1050/1051, the Admissions  Committee may consider a student eligible for admission if s/he has also completed at least two higher Chemistry courses. These two higher Chemistry courses should normally include a course in physical Chemistry. Decisions are made on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.
  • English – any 6.0 credit hours at the 1000-level
  • Mathematics 1000 and 1001 – Calculus I and II (6.0 credit hours)
  • Physics 1020 or 1050 - Introductory Physics I/General Physics I and Physics 1021 or 1051- Introductory Physics II/General Physics II (6.0 credit hrs)

Applicants NOT from Memorial Unversity: Students who have completed the pre-admission courses at a post-secondary institution other than Memorial University can contact the Registrar's Office at for assistance.  If precedents have already been determined for your courses, that information will be provided to you. If precedents don't exist, the process to evaluate them for equivalency will be done once your application is submitted. Please include the name of your institution as as well as the course names, course numbers and course titles. The onus is on the student to ensure that the pre-requisite courses they've taken meet the requirements for admission to the pharmacy program. 

Applicants from Grenfell Campus: the following courses are acceptable for admission to the School of Pharmacy:

  • Biology 1001 and 1002
  • Chemistry 1200 and 1001
  • English - any 6.0 credit hours at the 1000 level
  • Mathematics 1000 and 1001
  • Physics 1020 or 1050 and Physics 1021 or 1051



Any Questions? First, check out our Frequently Asked Questions section below. If you still need help, feel free to email or call (709) 777- 8300.



How do I know if a course taken at another university/college is equivalent to the pre-requisite courses at Memorial University?

If you want to know if the courses you've taken are equivalent, contact Marie Donovan at the University Registrar at  Make sure to provide the full course description and course outline for the course that you think is equivalent to the Memorial University course.

If you're applying for admission, the University Registrar will automatically assess courses on your transcript for pre-admission purposes. If you're accepted into the program, your entire transcript will then be assessed.

Is there a minimum grade requirement for the pre-admission courses?

A passing grade (i.e. 50%) is required for all pre-admission courses but it's important to have a strong background in these courses to be successful. The Admissions Committee will scrutinize the grades achieved in the pre-admission courses. Click here for more information on successful grade benchmarks for the pharmacy program.

Can I take pre-admission courses in the spring/summer and be considered for admission in September that same year?

Unfortunately no. Spring and summer final grades are issued too late to be considered for September admission of the same year becuase interviews are held in late May/early June.

Applicants should complete the required pre-admission courses by the end of the winter semester (April) for the year in which admission is being sought. This allows official transcripts to be received and reviewed before final offers of admission are made.

Do I have to take a full course load during the pre-Pharmacy year(s) to be considered for admission?

The Pharmacy program is academically challenging requiring students to take 6 sometimes 7 courses per semester so you must demonstrate your ability to handle that.

Students should normally take a full couse load consisting of five 3-credit hours courses for at least two semesters. 

Given the high level of competition for available seats each year, the Admissions Committee will consider all information in a candidate's application file to assess their ability to be successful  in the academcially challenging Pharmacy program. Examples of information which may be considered include: (but are not limited to) number of pre-admission courses repeated, number of times each course was repeated, marks in individual pre-admission courses, etc. 

Are applicants who complete the pre-admission requirements at Memorial University given preference over those who attend another post-secondary institution?

No. As long as you've completed courses that are equivalent to those at Memorial University you will be eligible for admission.

Please note that a number of seats are reserved for bona fide residents of the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, therefore out-of-province applicants should expect a more challenging admissions process. Click here for more information on how we review applications.