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Welcome from the Dean

Dr. Linda Hensman, Dean of the School of Pharmacy

For over 25 years, the School of Pharmacy at Memorial University has been growing as a place of innovation, creativity and excellence in pharmacy education.

Since 1989, we have graduated 827 students. We are proud to know that they now work in every corner of our province and country, as well as around the world, in all aspects of pharmaceutical practice and research.

One of the reasons that our students come to Memorial University is because of the uniqueness of the pharmacy program that we offer here.

Located in the Health Sciences Centre (HSC), we are in the same building as a Faculty of Medicine and School of Nursing. The HSC complex also houses the General Hospital and the Dr. Bliss Murphy Cancer Treatment Centre and is physically joined with the Janeway Child Health and Rehabilitation Centre.

This unique setting permits students to engage effectively and easily in interprofessional learning and in direct patient care activities.

The School of Pharmacy at Memorial University is also the smallest school in the country, currently admitting only 40 students to its program annually. The small class size facilitates close interaction between the faculty, staff and students and ensures they receive individual attention during their studies.

Our faculty and staff are highly dedicated and supportive of our students and make every effort to ensure that the academic and social milieu of the school is conducive to an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Our faculty are engaged in many different areas of research ranging from pharmaceutical sciences to practice related issues.

Our Master’s and Ph.D. programs provide students with research opportunities which have the potential to lead them into academia, industry or other research endeavours.

Our students are enthusiastic, energetic and very engaged in many activities on the local and national level. The student societies plan a wide range of professional, social and athletic activities for the student body.

We are proud of our graduates and their significant accomplishments both during their time at Memorial and after graduation.

The pharmacy community is highly committed to supporting our program and the education of our students. Their contribution through the provision of experiential learning sites in the community and institutions is extremely valued.

We have a large volunteer base of pharmacists and professionals in other disciplines who commit their time to the education of our students through lecturing, participating in workshops or other specialized programs as well as providing us with input on our program.

We value our industry colleagues as partners in our research and practice initiatives. And we thank them for their on-going support of our students through awards and other programs.

We hope that you enjoy browsing through our website and trust that you will find the information you are looking for.

Please e-mail or call us anytime with questions that you may have regarding the program.

Best regards.

Linda R. Hensman, B.SC. (Pharmacy), Pharm.D., MBA
Associate Professor and Dean