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Academic Council

Click here to view the Memorial University of Newfoundland, School of Pharmacy’s constitution.


The functions of the Academic Council of the School of Pharmacy ("Academic Council" of "School") shall be to approve, for recommendation to the Senate, all regulations, courses and programmes of study of the School and to discuss and make recommendations upon any other academic matter affecting the School.


The membership of the Academic Council shall be:

  1. The Dean of the School, all persons holding full-time academic appointments as professor, associate professor, assistant professor, lecturer or instructor, who teach in the faculty, coordinators engaged in the placement and supervision of students in the experiential learning program and the Manager of the Academic Programs;
  2. Representatives of other faculties, schools or departments as may be recommended by the Dean of the School;
  3. The president, vice-president (academic), the registrar or delegate; the university librarian or delegate;
  4. The Registrar of the Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board (NLPB) or delegate;
  5. Undergraduate students registered in the School proceeding to the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, numbering 20 % of categories (1) and (2). The students shall be nominated annually by the Memorial University Pharmacy Society; i) Only students who are beyond the third semester of the programme are eligible for nomination;
  6. One graduate student nominated annually by graduate students pursuing an M.Sc. or PhD degree in the School;
  7. Others whom the Council may decide to admit.