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Invitation to Attend Lectures

An Invitation to Attend Undergraduate Therapeutic Lectures



The School of Pharmacy is extending an invitation to all pharmacists to attend any of the undergraduate Therapeutics lectures which are being taught in Pharmacy 4401 and Pharmacy 5104 courses in the fall semester 2006.  You may note some overlap in topics covered in the two courses.  This is the result of the transition from the 2 + 3 curriculum to the new 1 + 4 curriculum.



Please keep in mind that these lectures are focused for undergraduate students.  They will provide you with a great overview and refresher on a specific topic and will cover the latest treatment guidelines.



Unfortunately, we have to restrict the number of pharmacists attending to a maximum of 5 so we ask that you pre-register with Heather Bugler (777-8300).  This will guarantee your space and will ensure that handouts are available.



These are not accredited CE lectures but may qualify as non-accredited sources acceptable for CEUs as per the NLPB Standards of Pharmacy Practice for Continuing Pharmacy Education.



We hope that you can take advantage of this learning opportunity.



Clinical Faculty – MUN School of Pharmacy