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Results for The Works (STJ)

  Phone Office
    Director/General Manager, Mr. Craig Neil 864-3783 Aquarena
    Manager of Finance, Mr. Michael Beson 864-8001 Aquarena
    Manager of Maintenance, Mr. Ken Coffey 864-3783 Aquarena
    Manager of Aquatics & Recreation, Ms. Janet Crane 864-3781 Aquarena
    Manager of Fitness 864-3809 Field House
    Administration Office 864-3784 -
    Customer Service Centre
        Aquarena 864-3798 Aquarena
        Field House 864-4422 Field House
    Aquarena Fitness Centre 864-3795/4398 Aquarena
        The Works 864-3254 -
    Tim Hortons 864-4899 Aquarena