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Results for Technical Services (STJ)

  Phone Office
    Director, Mr. Richard Meaney, P. Eng. 864-8712 C1026
        Facsimile 864-7482 -
        General Office 864-8712 C1026
        Executive Assistant, Ms. Sharon Fagan 864-8712 C1026
        Supply Room,
        Facsimile 864-4760 -
    Electronics Division
        Electronics Shop, Chemistry Building 864-7577 C1041
        Electronics Shop, Engineering Building,
        Instrument and Audio Visual Shop, Mr. Marvin Oldford 864-8319 SN1051
        Computers and Data Communications,
    Mechanical Division
        Facsimile 864-8689 -
        Manager, Mr. Dennis Cramm, P. Eng. 864-8313 EN1023C
        Machine Shop, Chemistry Building,
        Machine Shop, Engineering Building, Mr. David Snook 864-8315 EN1023F
        Welding/Sheetmetal Shop, Mr. William Bidgood 864-8472 EN1023L
        Glassblowing Shop, Mr. Brian Power 864-8325 C1028
        Model Making Shop, Mr. Robert Murphy 864-8318 EN1023A
        Ocean Sciences Centre 864-3262 Logy Bay
    Health Sciences Division (Health Sciences Centre)
        Facsimile 777-6534 -
        Biomedical Electronics, Mr. Calvin Snook 864-7577 C1041
        Computers, Mr. Roger Locke 777-6056 H3114
        Machine Shop, Mr. Christopher Connors 777-7285 H3116
        Janeway, Mr. James Titford 864-7284 SN1051
        Janeway, Radiology, Mr. David Edwards 777-2801 H3111
        Facsimile 777-4333 -
        St. Clare's, Mr. Joe Boland 777-5643 -
        St. Clare's, Radiology,
        Facsimile 777-5317 -