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Results for Science, Faculty of (STJ)

  Phone Office
    Dean, Dr. Mark Abrahams 864-8154 C2001
    Associate Dean (Research), Dr. Len Zedel 864-4752 C2001
    Associate Dean, Interim, (Undergrad. & Admin.), Dr. Aimée Surprenant 864-8155 C2001
    Senior Administrative Officer, Ms. Julie Rideout 864-8659 C2001
    Academic Staff Member in Cooperative Education, Ms. Rebecca Newhook 864-4098 SN1062
    General Enquiries (email: 864-8154 -
        Facsimile 864-3316 -
    Life Science Stores (LSS)
        Procurement Services 864-8196 SN1107
        Stores 864-4384 SN1107
    Physical Science Stores
        Procurement Services 864-3780 C2012
        Stores 864-8880 C1016A
    Math Learning Centre
        Facsimile 864-2351 -
        General Enquiries 864-3308 CL1000
    Bonne Bay Marine Station
        Facsimile 458-2605 -
        Director, Dr. Robert Scott 458-2550 Bonne Bay
        Manager 458-2550 Bonne Bay
        General Enquiries 458-2550 -
    Interdisciplinary Programmes, Ms. Gail Kenny 864-8154 C2001
        Aquaculture, Cognitive and Behavioural Ecology, Environmental Science,
        Scientific Computing, Theoretical Physics