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Results for School of Graduate Studies (STJ)

  Phone Office
    Facsimile 864-4702 -
    General Enquiries, 864-2445 -
     Dean, Dr. Faye Murrin 864-2478 IIC2012F
     Associate Dean, Dr. Katherine Side 864-2478 IIC2012H
    Assistant to the Dean,
    Dean's Secretary, Ms. Annette Williams 864-2478 IIC2012G
    Committees Secretary, 864-2435 IIC2012G
    Director, Graduate Enrolment Services, Mr. Andrew Kim 864-8847 IIC2012E
        Admissions Officer, Ms. Kim Hearn 864-2446 IIC2012D
            Applications Officer, Ms. Krista Shea 864-6907 IIC2012
            Applications Officer, Ms. Denene Whelan 864-2444 IIC2012
        Records Management/Registration, Ms. Sharon Winsor 864-2447 IIC2012B
        Program Coordinator, - IIC2012
        Programs/Thesis Officer, Ms. Ruby Barron 864-8462 IIC2012J
            Thesis Assistant, Ms. Heather Harris 864-2443 IIC2012J
        Recruitment and Retention Coordinator, Ms. Elizabeth Noseworthy 864-2480 IIC2012
        Marketing Coordinator, Ms. Ashley Forristall 864-3581 IIC2012
        Entrepreneurship Training Coordinator, 864-3202 UC4009
        Senior Career Development Coordinator, Ms. Julie Bowering 864-2976 IIC4002A
    Manager, Fellowships and Awards, 864-3425 IIC2012L
        Fellowships Officer, Ms. Katrina Arbuckle 864-2441 IIC2012A
            Financial Assistant, 864-6906 IIC2012A
        Scholarships Officer, Ms. Gail Lamkin 864-2600 IIC2012C