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  Phone Office
    Dean Pro Tempore, Dr. Alice Gaudine 777-6972 H2926A
        Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Ms. Cathy Pinhorn 777-6972 H2926
            Facsimile 777-6697 -
        Communications Coordinator, Ms. Marcia Porter 777-2165 H2952
        Senior Administrative Officer, Ms. Verna Wroblewski 777-7271 H2924
        Administrative Staff Specialist, Ms. Wanda Chubbs 777-6868 H2922
    Associate Dean, Undergrad. Programs, Ms. Andrea Brennan-Hunter 777-6679 H3470
        Secretary, Ms. Lori Hatcher 777-6679 H3469
        Academic Program Administrator, Ms. Elaine St. Croix 777-6272 H3471
            Facsimile 777-7403 -
        BN (Collaborative) Program, Consortium Coordinator, Ms. Penney-Lynn White 864-6871 A2001
        Clinical Coordinator, Ms. Claudine Morgan 777-6530 H2936
        Clinical Program Administrator, Ms. Alison Maddigan-Cox 777-8819 H3468
     Associate Dean, Grad. Programs, Dr. Donna Moralejo 777-7493 H3463
        Academic Program Assistant, Ms. Michelle Caines-Puddester 777-7493 H3461
            Facsimile 777-8973 -
        Intermediate Clerk Stenographer, Mrs. Barbara Hynes 777-6577 H3456
    Learning Resource Centre 777-7060 H2909
    Nursing Research Coordinator, Ms. Joanne Smith-Young 777-7106 H2914
    General Office 777-6695 H2916
        Facsimile 777-7037 -