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Results for Maritime Studies, School of (MI)

  Phone Office
    Facsimile 778-0659 -
    School's General Office 778-0360 W3000D
    Head, Ms. Catherine Dutton 778-0361 W3000G
    Centre for Marine Simulation, Director, Captain Christopher Hearn 778-0305 W2100
        Applied Research and Industrial Projects, Manager, Ms. Maria Halfyard 778-0339 W2132
    Offshore Safety and Survival Centre, Director, Captain Fred Anstey 778-0550 ex 222 Foxtrap
        Assistant Director - Operations and Administration, Mr. Robert Escott 778-0550 ex 235 Foxtrap
        Safety and Emergency Response Training Centre
            Manager/Program Coordinator, Mr. Craig Harnum 643-5550 ex 222 Stephenville
    Program Co-ordinator, Mr. Chris Callahan 778-0577 W3014H