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Results for Human Resources (STJ)

  Phone Office
    Facsimile 864-2700 -
    Office of the Director
        Enquiries 864-4615 A4031
        Director, Mr. Steve Dodge 864-4615 A4031
        Associate Director, Ms. Valerie Butler 864-7809 A4031
    Administration and Systems Integration
        Enquiries 864-8220 A4032
        ESS Helpline 864-2434 A4032
        Records and Privacy Officer, Ms. Susan Janes 864-2531 A4032
     Advisory Services
        Enquiries 864-4726 A4029
        Team Lead, 864-3744 A4038
        HR Advisor, 864-3570 A4039
        HR Advisor, 864-2194 A4039
        HR Advisor, Ms. Jill Purcell 864-4782 A4033
        HR Advisor, Ms. Sheneen Young 864-4558 A4042
    Benefits and Pensions
        Enquiries 864-7406 A4025
        Manager, Mr. Glen Roberts 864-4621 A4025
        Worklife Program Coordinator, Ms. Laura Chapman 864-7405 A4025
        Benefits & Pensions Analyst,
        Benefits and Pensions Specialist, Ms. Michelle Wade 864-7407 A4025
        Benefits and Pensions Specialist, Ms. Karen Rose 864-4620 A4025
        Benefits and Pensions Specialist, Ms. Deborah Morrissey 864-4625 A4025
    Employer/ Employee Relations
        Associate Director and ADR Coordinator, Ms. Mary Barron 864-4766 A4040
        Manager, Ms. Tammy Poirier 864-7400 A4039
    Finance & Payroll
        Payroll Officer, 864-4589 A4023
        Manager, 864-7410 A4023
        Payroll Officer, Ms. Sandy Baird 864-4611 A4023
        Payroll Officer, Ms. Nicole Dunne 864-4610 A4023
        Payroll Officerer, Ms. Susan Hann 864-4606 A4023
        Payroll Officer, 864-4607 A4023
        Payroll Officer, Ms. Ashley Hickey 864-4608 A4023
        Payroll Officer, 864-4609 A4023
    Job Evaluation and Compensation
        Enquiries 864-7401 A4029
        Manager, Ms. Jennine Loder 864-2234 A4029
        Senior Compensation Analyst, 864-4629 A4037
        Compensation Analyst, Ms. Carolyn Bennett 864-4629 A4029
    Organization Development
        Enquiries 864-4626 -
        Learning and Development Officer 864-8364 A4043
        Manager, Mr. Robert Barker 864-4627 A4041
        Employment Equity Officer, 864-2548 A4044
        Enquiries 864-7986 A4029
        Recruitment Officer, Ms. Karen Slaney 864-2434 A4029
    Employee Assistance Program 1-800-387-4765 -
        Employee Assistance Program:
        Emplyment Equity:
        Employee Relations:
        ESS Helpline:
        Human Resources:
        Job Evaluation: