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Results for Human Resources (STJ)

  Phone Office
    General Enquiries 864-2434 -
        Facsimile 864-2700 -
    Director, Mr. Stephen Dodge 864-4615 A4031
    Associate Director, Employee/Labour Relations and Consulting Services, Ms. Mary Barron 864-4628 A4040
    Associate Director, Planning and Enterprise Services, Ms. Valerie Butler 864-4615 A4031
    Manager, Benefits and Pensions, Mr. Glen Roberts 864-4621 A4025
    Manager, Client and Advisory Services, Ms. Kim Blanchard 864-4557 A4039
    Manager, Employee and Labour Relations, Ms. Roxanne Jackson 864-7400 A4042
    Manager, Learning and Development, Ms. Heather Stamp-Nunes 864-8364 A4043
    Manager, MyHR, Payroll and HR Technology, Ms. Jennine Loder 864-3744 A4038
    Manager, Organizational Effectiveness, Mr. Robert Barker 864-4627 A4041
    Manager, Strategy, Policy and Planning, Ms. Emily Wooley 864-2234 A4032
    Manager, Human Resources, Faculty of Medicine, Ms. Janet Norman 864-6280 Medicine
    Manager, Human Resources, Grenfell Campus, Ms. Jessica Couture 637-6237 Grenfell
    Manager, Human Resources, Marine Institute, Mr. Mike Fowler 778-0490 MI
    Team Lead, HR Technology, Ms. Karen Stockley 864-4633 SP4003
    Team Lead, MyHR, Ms. Susan Janes 864-6199 A4029
    Team Lead, Payroll, Ms. Karen Hiscock 864-4583 A4023
    Human Resources Advisor, Mr. Michael Kielly 864-7408 A4035
    Human Resources Advisor, Ms. Jill Purcell 864-4782 A4033
    Human Resources Advisor, Ms. Pam Crane 864-4616 BP2001B
    Human Resources Advisor, Ms. Sheneen Young 864-4558 FM2027C
    Human Resources Advisor, Ms. Susan Brown 864-6255 A4037
    Human Resources Advisor, Ms. Tammy Poirier 864-3570 A4034
    Job Evaluation Consultant, Ms. Laura Chapman 864-7405 A4044
    Administrative Staff Specialist III, Ms. Nicole Dunne 864-3074 A4030
    Benefits and Pensions Analyst, Mr. James Price 864-4619 A4025
    Communications Coordinator III, Ms. Melissa Watton 864-2531 A4032
    Employment Equity Officer, Ms. Tina Hickey 864-2548 A4044
    Ergonomist, Ms. Erin Bradbury 864-3458 PE1017
    Learning and Development Consultant, Ms. Kyrstal Donahue 864-4582 A4023
    Occupational Health Nurse, Ms. Natalie Decker 864-3568 ER6038
    Planning and Policy Consultant, Ms. Kayla Matthews 864-7401 A4030
    Systems Analyst (Faculty), Ms. Katie Ward 864-4629 A4032
    Systems Analyst (Payroll), Ms. Deborah Fudge 864-2077 A4032
    Wellness Consultant, Ms. Kathleen Wall 864-2595 A4030