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Results for Human Kinetics and Recreation, School of (STJ)

  Phone Office
     Dean, Dr. Heather Carnahan 864-8129 PE2027
        Facsimile 864-7531 -
    Associate Dean, Graduate Studies and Research, Dr. David Behm 864-3408 PE2006A
    Associate Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Linda Rohr 864-6202 PE2025
    Administrative Staff Specialist,
    Athletic Director, 864-8683 -
    Coordinator of Athletics, Mr. Shayne Menecola 864-8682 PE3002A
    Academic Program Officer, Mr. John Saunders 864-8668 PE2029B
    General Office/Information Centre 864-8130 PE2029
    Facsimile 864-3979 -
    Allied Health Services, Co-ordinator, Mr. Liam Kelly 864-6796 PE1011C
    Environmental Physiology Lab 864-8280 PE1011C
    Equipment Room, 864-8445 PE2014
    Sea-Hawks Sportsline 864-7678 -
    Graduate Students Office 864-3138 PE1020
    Cooperative Education 864-2172 -
        Coordinator, Ms. Julie Downey 864-8038 PE2008A
        Coordinator, Ms. Gail Innes 864-2173 PE2008
            Facsimile (Co-op) 864-2175 -