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Results for French and Spanish (STJ)

  Phone Office
    Head, Dr. Anne Thareau 864-7636 SN4025
    General Office, Ms. Heather O'Brien 7636/7637 SN4023
        Facsimile, General Office 864-3594 SN4023
    Administrative Staff Specialist, Ms. Patricia Churchill 864-8571 SN4026
    Co-ordinator of First Year Studies, French, Dr. Barbara Thistle 864-8565 SN4028
    Co-ordinator of Spanish Programmes, Dr. Myriam Osorio 864-4502 SN4045
    Study Abroad Officer, Dr. James MacLean 864-8569 SN4033
    Graduate Studies Officer, Dr. Philippe Basabose 864-4322 SN4041
    Director, Frecker Programme, St. Pierre, Ms. Chantal Jordaan ( 011-508-41-2438 -
        Facsimile, Frecker Programme 011-508-41-3929 Francoforum