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Results for Fisheries, School of (MI)

  Phone Office
    Facsimile 778-0661/0535 -
    General Office 778-0441 W2024
    Head, Mr. Carey Bonnell 778-0428 W2000
    Centre for Aquaculture and Seafood Development, Director, Ms. Heather Manuel 778-0345 W1009A
    Centre for Fisheries Ecosystems Research, Scientific Director, Dr. George Rose 778-0482 E1326C
        Administrative Director, Mr. Thomas Brown 778-0336 E1326A
    Centre for Sustainable Aquatic Resources, Director, Dr. Paul Winger 778-0430 C2203A
        Assistant Director, Ms. Kelly Moret 778-0425 C3217F
    Program Co-ordinator, Mr. Keith Rideout 778-0675 W2029