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Results for Financial and Administrative Services (STJ)

  Phone Office
     Director, Ms. Deborah Collis 864-8222 A2022F
     Associate Director, Mr. Gary Pike 864-8221 A2022D
        Facsimile 864-8903 -
    Accounts Payable, Ms. Linda Noseworthy 864-4392 A2022
        Facsimile 864-7909 -
    Accounts Receivable Information 864-8226/8 A1023
    Budgets Office
        Associate Director, Ms. Lori Pike 864-4731 A1004C
        Senior Budget Analyst,
            Facsimile 864-2542 -
    Cashier's Office,
        Facsimile 864-8347 -
    Customs Agent, Mr. Doug Rowe 864-4517 A2022
    Duplicating Satellite, Science Bldg., Ms. Marian Hutchings 864-8240 SN1031
    Duplicating Satellite, S.J. Carew Bldg., Ms. Beverly Grace-Thornton 864-2103 EN1017
    Financial Reporting and Analysis
        Manager, Ms. Heather Whelan 864-4391 A2022C
        Financial Analyst, Mr. Peter Mooney 864-2174 A1003
    Financial Systems
        Manager, Bill Hillyard 864-8996 A1001B
        Computer Systems Officer, Mr. Douglas Bailey 864-4604 A1001A
            Facsimile 864-3677 -
    General Office, G. A. Hickman Bldg.,
        Facsimile 864-2345 -
    General Office, Sci. Bldg., Mrs. Marilyn Hicks 864-8239 SN1060
        Facsimile 864-4000 -
    Printing Services
        Manager, Mr. Boyd Cranford 864-4876 PS1007A
        Production Manager,
        General Information 864-8233 PS1007
    Purchase Orders Information 864-4392 A2022
    Research Accounting Office
        Staff Accountant, Ms. Melissa Squires 864-2471 A1027
            Facsimile 864-3717 -
    Tendering Clerk,
    Travel 864-7959 A2022
        Facsimile 864-7909 -