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Results for Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support (STJ)

  Phone Office
    Distance Education Courses/Program Enquiries 864-8700 ED2000
        Facsimile 864-6783 -
    Director, Ms. Susan Cleyle 864-4579 ED3000H
        Facsimile 864-7941 -
    Associate Director, Mr. Robert Wells 864-8093/3423 ED3006
    Associate Director Operations and Finance, Ms. Bonnie Simmons 864-8471 ED3000D
         Enquiries, 864-3050 ED3000
    Design, Development and Production
        Facsimile 864-4635 -
        Manager, Media Services, Ms. Donna Downey 864-4061 ED1000G
        Manager, Course Development, Ms. Ruth Hickey 864-2836 ED2000L
    Classroom Support Services
        Manager of Classroom Technology,
        Education Building 864-7552 ED1027
        Science Building 864-8695 SN2104
    Technical Systems Manager, Mr. Thomas Hawkins 864-3725 ED3001
    Instructional Development
        Associate Director, Mr. Albert Johnson 864-7697 ED1004A
        Enquiries 864-3028 ED1004
        Facsimile 864-4635 -
    Client Relations and Delivery Services
        Manager of Client Relations, 864-4819 -
        Enquiries 864-8702 ED1045
    Marketing and Business Development
        Facsimile 864-7941 -
        Manager, Ms. Peggy Miller 864-3456 ED3000K
        Facsimile 864-2179 -
        Main Office 864-3064 ED3003