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Results for Corporate Services and External Affairs (MI)

  Phone Office
    Director, Mr. Kevin Clarke 778-0437 C2208D
    Marketing and Communications, Manager, Ms. Kimberley Thornhill 778-0544 E2308B
        Facsimile 778-0672 -
        Conference Coordinator, Ms. Kelli-Ann Smith 778-0756 E2304B
        Graphic Designer, Ms. Angie Bishop 778-0633 E2306A
        Public Relations & Communications Officer, Ms. Naomi Osborne 778-0677 E2304C
        Web Editor, Mr. Geoff Noseworthy 778-0569 E2306B
    Bookstore, Ms. Jean Titford 778-0473 C2200
    Cafeteria/Industry Seminar Centre, Manager, Mr. Darryl Haynes 778-0420 W1032
    Development and Engagement , Manager, - E2308D
        Facsimile 778-0672 -
        Client Relations Officer,
        Institutional Analyst, Ms. Jie Henry 758-8370 W2128
        Marketing and Development Officer, Ms. Julie Fitzpatrick 778-0432 C1214E
        Planning Analyst,
    Finance and Contracts, Manager, Mr. Fred Christian-Quinton 778-0391 C2210F
        Facsimile 778-0346 -
        Finance and Contracts General Office 778-0464 C2210
        Information Services, Ms. Daphne Barron 778-0397 C2214B
        Purchasing, Mr. Barry Hanlon 778-0355 C2210
    Holyrood Marine Base, Manager, Mr. Robert Coombs 229-2204 Holyrood
    Human Resources, Manager, Mr. Mike Fowler 778-0490 C2214A
         Payroll Officer, Ms. Donna Shapter 778-0496 C2214D
    Information and Communications Technologies, Manager, Mr. Trevor Pike 778-0489 E2308F
        Audio Visual Bookings 778-0628 W2051
        Audio Visual Specialist 778-0443 W2051
        Help Desk 778-0628 -
    Facilities and Technical Services, Manager,
        Facsimile 778-0674 -
        Southside, Captain Henry Manning 753-2729 Southside
        Operational Support Coordinator, Mr. Dave Casey 778-0444 W1035
         Facilities Coordinator, Mr. Wilf Muggeridge 778-0341 W1028
        Mail Room/ Shipping & Receiving, Mr. Paul Lamkin 778-0434 W1022
        Maintenance, Mr. Roger Rogers 778-0591 B101C
        Transportation, Mr. Fred Ivany 778-0565 W1026