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Results for Computing and Communications (STJ)

  Phone Office
    University Switchboard Operator, Phonebook Updates, Mr. Mike Fitzpatrick 864-8000 SP2000
    Director, Mr. Steve Greene 864-8329 HH2038
    SERVICE DESK 864-4595 HH2013
    Associate Director, EAS, Ms. Penny Fillier-Skinner 864-3768 SP2018
    Client Relationships Associate Director, Mrs. Barbara Dawson 864-4587 HH2048
        Commons Supervisor, Mr. Aaron Goulding 864-3165 L2027
        Digital Media Centre ( DMC ) 864-2356 L2019
        Service Desk Supervisor, Mr. Michael Winsor 864-3430 HH2047A
        Personal Computing Manager, Ms. Margaret Shaw 864-4535 CS1006
            CPC Store Manager 864-2673 CS1006
            Facsimile, Personal Computing 864-8494 -
     Finance and Administration Manager, Ms. Debbie Earles 864-4372 HH2040
        Office of Business Services Supervisor, Ms. Judy Squires Edwards 864-7620 HH2012C
        Office of Business Services, Henrietta Harvey Bldg. 864-8116 HH2012A
            Facsimile, Henrietta Harvey 864-3514 HH2012A
    Communications Manager, Mr. Todd Farrell 864-2130 HH2044
        Telecommunications, Mrs. Jean Squires 864-4829 HH2012B
    Technical Support, Manager, Mr. Don Bryant 864-7588 HH2046
    PC/Terminal Repairs (Technical Services) 864-8256 PA1012
    Project Management Office, Manager, Ms. Denise Jones 864-2154 SP4011
    Security Manager, Mr. Kenneth Forward 864-4577 HH2033