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Results for Business Administration, Faculty of (STJ)

  Phone Office
    Computer Lab 864-2632 BN1012
    Dean, Dr. Wilfred Zerbe 864-8851 BN4007
        Facsimile (Dean's Office) 864-2467 BN4001
    Associate Dean, Academic Programs, Dr. Larry Bauer 864-8853 BN2027D
    International Programs Office (IPO)
        Facsimile 864-8954 -
        Director, Professor, Michael Burns 864-7659 BN2027B
    Director, Graduate Programs, Dr. Peggy Coady 864-2138 BN2028
    Manager, Academic Programs, (Undergraduate), Ms. Renee Elliott 864-8512 BN2027G
        Facsimile 864-8954 -
    Manager of Administration and Finance,
    Manager, Quality and Accreditation,
    Information Officer, Ms. Meaghan Whelan, 864-2616 BN4003
    Associate Dean, Research, Dr. Jeffrey Parsons 8183/4741 BN4008
    General Office 864-8854 BN2029
        Facsimile (General Office) 864-7680 BN2029
    Audio Visual 864-4707 BN3038
    SIFE Memorial (Student Society) 864-4780 BN1005
    CMA Student Society 864-6710 BN2006
    Gardiner Centre
        Facsimile 864-7999 -
        Director, Mr. Brian Hurley 864-8893 BN4020
        Reception 864-7977 BN4019
    Certificate in Management Accounting Program
        Director, Dr. Jeff Pittman 864-3100 BN2021
    Business Co-operative Education 864-8820/2425 BN1015