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Results for Arts, Faculty of (STJ)

  Phone Office
    Facsimile 864-2135 -
    Dean, Dr. Lynne Phillips 864-8254 A5017
    Associate Dean (undergraduate), Dr. Alex Marland 864-8254 A5016
    Associate Dean (Research and Graduate), Dr. Carrie Dyck 864-8254 A5019
    Senior Administrative Officer, Ms. Linda Corbett 864-7956 A5015
    General Office (email: 864-8254/8255 A4049
    First Year Success Program 864-8416 ED3068
    Arts Computing Centre 864-3516 SN2049A
    Writing Centre 864-3168/7705 SN2053
    M. Phil. (Humanities) 864-8110 SN4082