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Results for Alumni Affairs and Development (STJ)

  Phone Office
    Fax 864-2008 -
    Director's Office
        Director, Alumni Affairs and Development 864-4044 LL3000
        Senior Secretary 864-4543 LL3000A
    Advancement Services
        Manager, Advancement Services and Operations 864-4343 LL3012
        Intermediate Secretary, Advancement Services 864-4354 LL2003
        Finance Officer 864-7972 LL3009
        Administrative Staff Specialist II 864-2620 LL3013
        Gift Administrator 864-4434 LL3010
        Database Administrator 864-2417 LL2004
        Accounting Clerk 864-2321 LL3010
        Information Officer 864-2031 LL3003
        Manager, Prospect Research 864-2314 LL3004
        Research Officer, Prospects 864-2312 LL3008
        Research Assistant 864-3963 LL3008
        Research Assistant 864-4081 LL3008
    Alumni Affairs
        Assistant Director, Alumni Affairs 864-3481 LL2012
        Alumni Affairs Officer 864-2029 LL2013
        Alumni Affairs Officer, Reunions 864-2322 LL2013
        Alumni Affairs Officer 864-2316 LL2009
        Intermediate Secretary, Alumni Affairs 864-2313 LL2013
        Associate Director, Development 864-3084 LL3014
        Senior Secretary, Development 864-6763 LL3013
        Senior Development Officer (Major Gifts) 864-2163 LL2010
        Development Officer, Planned Giving and Special Projects 864-2157 LL3005
        Development Officer (Engineering & Business) 864-3108 EN4016
        Development Officer (Medicine) 777-8289 H1758C
        Medicine Events Assistant 777-8924 H1758C
        Development Officer (Nursing & Pharmacy) 777-8977 H3453
        Development Officer (Arts & Music) 864-7539 MU2000C
        Development Officer (Science) 864-2696 C2046
        Development Officer (Annual Fund) 864-2098 LL1001B
        Administrative Program Assistant (Telefund Coordinator) 864-8672 LL1001
        Manager, Stewardship Programs 864-4848 LL2007
        Donor Relations Officer 864-6707 LL2008
        Manager, Campaigns 864-2311 LL3013
    Marketing and Communications
        Communications Coordinator 864-8006 LL1005
        Marketing Coordinator 864-2479 LL1000
        Communications Coordinator 864-3447 LL1005
        TD Monex Meloche Fellowship 864-4875 LL2006