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Results for Academic and Student Affairs (MI)

  Phone Office
    General Office 778-0469 W3013B
        Facsimile 778-0394 -
    Associate Vice President, Dr. Robert Shea 778-0356 W3013D
    Curriculum Development
        School of Fisheries, Ms. Beverly Fleet 778-0369 W2002
        School of Maritime Studies, Ms. Heidi Janes 778-0406 W3000H
        School of Ocean Technology, Ms. Corinne Breen 778-0588 W3007
    Degree Studies Program Coordinator, (vacant)
        Graduate Student Office 778-0506 W3025
    Dr. C.R. Barrett Library
        Loan Renewals 778-0662 C2202D
        Librarian, Ms. Catherine Lawton 778-0300 C2202E
        Circulation 778-0662 W2202D
        Reference and Computer Search Services 778-0615 C2202
        Document Delivery 778-0368 C2202E
        Orders for Library Materials 778-0615 C2202
        Library Orientation/Instruction 778-0368 C2202E
    Placement Office
        Facsimile 778-0458 -
        General Office 778-0302 W3003
        Placement Officer, Ms. Melissa Flynn 778-0596 W3003A
        Placement Officer, Mr. Bernie Brockerville 778-0308 W3303B
        Placement Officer, Mrs. Ann Lynn Anstey 778-0566 W3003C
    Recreation and Sports, Ms. Rose Hatfield 778-0455 W2057
        Facsimile 778-0385 -
        General Office 778-0543 C2209
        Graduate Student Recruitment Officer, Ms. Lisa Emberley 778-0469 C2209
        Student Recruitment Officer, Ms. Kari Short 778-0469 C2209
        Student Recruitment Officer, (vacant) 778-0755 C2209
        Facsimile 778-0322 -
        Registrar, Ms. Leslie Noftall 778-0497 C2210G
        Associate Registrar, Ms. Nancy Smith 778-0522 C2214A
        Admissions Officer, (vacant) 778-0380 C2210H
    Student Development
        Enrolment Management Coordinator, (vacant)
    Student Affairs
        Director, Ms. Angie Clarke 778-0565 W3013C
            Student Liaison Officer, Ms. Rhonda McMeekin 778-0611 W3011
    Teaching and Learning Support Centre 778-0697 -
        Instructional Designer, Mr. Derek Howse 778-0586 W3021
        Instructional Designer, Ms. Christine Molloy 778-0457 W3015
        Instructional Designer, Ms. Charlene Walsh 778-0784 W3015