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Department Campus
Academic Advising Centre  STJ 
Academic and Student Affairs  MI 
Alumni Affairs and Development  STJ 
Animal Care Services  STJ 
Anthropology  STJ 
Aramark  STJ 
Archaeology  STJ 
Archives  STJ 
Art Gallery  SWGC 
Arts  SWGC 
Arts Publications, Faculty of  STJ 
Arts, Faculty of  STJ 
Atlantic Computational Excellence Network (ACEnet)  STJ 
AVP (Admin. and Finance) GC  SWGC 
Biochemistry  STJ 
Biology  STJ 
Biosafety Control  STJ 
Board of Regents  STJ 
Board Room  STJ 
Bookings  STJ 
Bookstore  SWGC 
Botanical Garden  STJ 
Bursar's Office  SWGC 
Business Administration, Faculty of  STJ 
Cafeterias  STJ 
Campus Enforcement and Patrol  STJ 
Campus Food Bank  STJ 
Canadian Centre for Fisheries Innovation  MI 
Canadian Forces Naval Engineering School  MI 
Centre for Earth Resources Research (CERR)  STJ 
Centre for Institutional Analysis and Planning  STJ 
Centre for Material Culture Studies  STJ 
Chancellor  STJ 
Chemistry  STJ 
Childcare Centre  STJ 
Classics  STJ 
Community Education and College Relations  SWGC 
Community-University Research for Recovery Alliance  STJ 
Computer Science  STJ 
Computing and Communications  SWGC 
Corporate Services and External Affairs  MI 
CREAIT, CRC and CFI Services (CCCS)  STJ 
CUPE Local 1615  STJ 
Department of Environmental Health and Safety  STJ 
Digital Learning Centre  STJ 
Distance Education, Learning and Teaching Support  STJ 
Division of Lifelong Learning  STJ 
Earth Sciences  STJ 
Economics  STJ 
Education, Faculty of  STJ 
Employee Assistance Program  STJ 
Engineering and Applied Science, Faculty of  STJ 
English  STJ 
Facilities Management  STJ 
Facilities Management  SWGC 
Faculty Housing  STJ 
Faculty Relations, Office of  STJ 
Ferriss Hodgett Library  SWGC 
Financial and Administrative Services  STJ 
Fine Arts  SWGC 
Fisheries, School of  MI 
Folklore  STJ 
French and Spanish  STJ 
Gardiner Centre  STJ 
Gender Studies  STJ 
Geography  STJ 
Geological Association of Canada  STJ 
German and Russian  STJ 
Graduate Students' Union  STJ 
Grenfell Campus Student Union  SWGC 
Harlow Campus  HARLOW 
History  STJ 
Human Kinetics and Recreation, School of  STJ 
Human Resources  STJ 
Information Access and Privacy Protection (IAPP) Office  STJ 
Information Technology Services  STJ 
Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER)  STJ 
International Centre  STJ 
J.R. Smallwood Foundation for Newfoundland and Labrador Studies  STJ 
Johnson Insurance  STJ 
Labrador Institute, Labrador  STJ 
Linguistics  STJ 
Major Research Partnerships  STJ 
Maritime History Archive  STJ 
Maritime Studies, School of  MI 
Marketing and Communications  STJ 
Math and Statistics  STJ 
Math Learning Centre  STJ 
Medicine, Faculty of  STJ 
Memorial University of Newfoundland Student's Union  STJ 
Memorial's Disability Information and Support Center  STJ 
MI International  MI 
Mun Cinema Series  STJ 
MUN Pensioners Association  STJ 
Music  STJ 
Nape Local 7405, Marine Institute Faculty  MI 
NAPE Local 7801  STJ 
NAPE Local 7803  STJ 
Nape Local 7850, Marine Institute Staff  MI 
National Research Council (NRC)  STJ 
Newfoundland Cancer Treatment and Research Foundation - Cancer Centre  STJ 
Newfoundland Quarterly  STJ 
Newfoundland Studies (Programme)  STJ 
Nursing  STJ 
Ocean Engineering Research Centre  STJ 
Ocean Sciences Centre  STJ 
Ocean Technology, School of  MI 
Office of the Chief Information Officer  STJ 
Office of the General Counsel  STJ 
One Ocean  MI 
Pharmacy  STJ 
Pharmacy, School of  STJ 
Philosophy  STJ 
Physics and Physical Oceanography  STJ 
Political Science  STJ 
President's Office  STJ 
Psychology  STJ 
QEII Library  STJ 
Queen's College, Faculty of Theology  STJ 
Radiation Control  STJ 
Registrar's Office  STJ 
Registrar's Office  SWGC 
Religious Studies  STJ 
Research Grant and Contract Services, Office of  STJ 
Risk and Administrative Services  STJ 
School of Graduate Studies  STJ 
Science  SWGC 
Science 1150/1151  STJ 
Science, Faculty of  STJ 
Security  MI 
Senate  STJ 
Sexual Harassment Office  STJ 
Shea Heights Community Health Centre  STJ 
Social Science  SWGC 
Social Work  STJ 
Society Room  STJ 
Sociology  STJ 
Student Affairs  SWGC 
Student Affairs and Services  STJ 
Student Financial Services  STJ 
Student Parents At MUN  STJ 
Student Recruitment, Office of  STJ 
Students Older Than Average (SOTA)  STJ 
Students' Union  MI 
Technical Services  STJ 
The Harris Centre  STJ 
The Lecturers' Union of Memorial University of Newfoundland  STJ 
The Works  STJ 
Transportation and Works  MI 
Travel Cuts  STJ 
University Club  STJ 
Vice President's Office ( Marine Institute )  MI 
Vice Presidentís Office (Grenfell)  SWGC 
Vice-President  STJ 
Wellness  STJ 
Women's Resource Centre  STJ