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Public Education Program

The Outdoor Summer Marine Public Education Program is now CLOSED for the season and will reopen June 2016.

Contact Danielle Nichols at (709) 864-2459 for further information.

Summer Public Education Program

From June to September, the Ocean Sciences Centre has an outdoor public education program. Visitors are able to learn about and interact with coastal marine invertebrates at our outdoor touch tank. Knowledgeable marine interpreters are available to answer questions about the marine environment, animals, history and research of the Ocean Sciences Centre. Touch Tank
viewing platform

Our resident Harp seal population can be viewed year round from our outdoor observation platform. There are currently five Harp seals being studied at the OSC. For more information on our seals and related research, please visit the OSC Harp Seal Website.

During the summer, many Minke and Humpback whales can be seen in Logy Bay. The whales follow the capelin which move inshore to spawn in late June or early July.

Icebergs can be found along the Newfoundland and Labrador coast during the spring. Sometimes they travel right into the bay!