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Field Trips for High School Students to the OSC


The Ocean Sciences Centre and its partner the Oceans Learning Partnership (OLP) are pleased to invite high school science classes to participate in a one-day, hands-on lab program. The program is an excellent opportunity to introduce students to the diversity of life in the oceans, to discuss adaptations and excite students about marine science! The program was designed specifically to complement the at-sea field program offered by Oceans Learning Partnership, and was piloted in fall 2013 with Biology 2201 and Science 1206 students and received very positive feedback from teachers and students.

The Program

Participating classes will rotate through four learning stations, during which they will:

Dissect a fish and learn about adaptations for marine environment;Handle live invertebrates and learn how to identify each animal using a dichotomous key;Compare marine habitats;Participate in animal care, including water quality monitoring;Assist with ongoing behaviour studies of the resident harp seals; and Learn about the research taking place at the OSC.

The Details

All activities are guided by Department of Ocean Sciences graduate students and staff. The cost per student is $15; limit of 24 students per trip.To learn more you can watch this short video produced by the OSC:


“I think that the OSC has developed a fabulous program for the engagement of students in the ocean life sciences. It provides an invaluable opportunity to provide students an insight not only to the mysteries of life in the oceans but also the excitement of research being conducted at the OSC.”

- Clarence Button, Science and Technology Teacher, O’Donel High School, Mount Pearl

For more information or to book your class for a visit contact Danielle Nichols (709) 864-2459.


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