Recent Graduates




Thesis Title                                      Supervisor                            

Ian Hamilton 

Biology- M.Sc. (2014)

Examining the Relationship between Juvenile Lemon Sharks and their Coastal Creek Nurseries.

I. Fleming/

M. Abrahams

Anne Provencher St-Pierre

Biology- M.Sc. (2014)

Controls of displacement and feeding in the common sea star Asterias rubens

P. Gagnon

Gouqiang Wang

Biology- M.Sc. (2014)

Lab and field studies of feeding, growth and health of adult lobster (Homarus americanus)

I. McGaw

Chantelle Penny

Biology- M.Sc. (2014)

Physiological responses of digestion in the crabs Carcinus maenas and Cancer irroratus in low salinity.

I. McGaw

Iyad Hailat 

Chemistry- Ph.D. (2014)

Determination of lipid molecular species in mussels

C. Parrish

Matthew Webb

Aquaculture- M.Sc. (2014)

Effect of cod broodstock diets on egg larvae

C. Parrish

Ashley Robar

Biology- M.Sc. (2014)

Rock movement, species diversity and species richness


Krista Baker

Biology PhD (2013)

Deep - sea diversity and conservation off Newfoundland and Labrador.



Cailtin Blain 





Biology MSc (2013)

Effects of environmental variability on population dynamics and acid (H2SO4) production in the annual brown alga Desmarestia viridis.       

Michele Caputo            


Biology MSc (2013)

Evolutionary costs & benefits of partial migration.


Erin Carruthers

Biology PhD (2013)

Pelagic fishery by - catch in the Northwest Atlantic



Marieve Desjardins

Biology PhD (2013)

Antifreeze Proteins in Wolffish Spp


Kevin Ma

Biology MSc (2013)

Abundance & recruitment of invasive ascidians.


Corey Morris

Biology PhD (2013)

Behavioural interactions among juvenile Gadoids along the north east coast of Newfoundland.



Jennica Sieden

Environmental Science M.Sc. (2013)

Bacterial dynamics and community structure in ballast water during transoceanic transit.


John Winkowski

Biology MSc (2013)

An investigation of environmental influences on phenotypic development and performance of juvenile Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar)


Emily Zimmerman

CABE MSc (2013)

Escape-related behaviour of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua): motivation to escape from sea cages and spatiotemporal dispersal.