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Current Students

MSc Students

Wasiim Bathia, MSc Aquaculture (2011-present). Thesis Topic: Aquaponics

Peng Zhao, Biology MSc (2009-present). Thesis Topic: Growth and biochemical composition of cultured algae.

Daria Gallardi, Aquaculture MSc (2011-present). Thesis Topic: Mussel Lipids

Matthew Web, MSc Aquaculture(2011-present).Thesis Topic: Effect of cod broodstock diets on egg larvae.


PhD Students

Manjusir Wijekoon, PhD Biology (2005-present). Thesis Topic: Biochemical composition of farmed steelhead trout Oncorhynchus mykiss.

Laura Carreόn Palau, PhD Biology (2009-present). Thesis Topic: Organic sources of carbon and their transfer in a coral reef ecosystem.

Jorge del Angel Rodriguez , PhD Biology (2009-Present). Thesis Topic: Seasonal Changes in krill lipids: implications for whales.

Iyad Hailat, PhD Chemistry (2009-present): Thesis Topic:Determination of lipid molecular species in mussels

Stefanie Hixson, PhD Biology (2010-present). Thesis Topic: Effect of dietary camelina on fish performance