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Adjunct Professors

Name   Title (Affiliation)   Research
Dr. Ian Bradbury   Research Scientist (DFO)   Evolutionary ecology and dispersal of aquatic organisms (
Mr. David Cote   Terra Nova National Park   Stewardship and in-season management strategies for an Atlantic salmon river in Terra Nova National Park
Dr. Brian Dixon   Associate Professor , University of Waterloo   Research is directed towards characterizing fish immune systems at the molecular level
Dr. Michele Hale   Senior Lecturer, University of Portsmouth, UK   Biological oceanographer interested in the role of microbial trophic pathways in regulating the cycling of carbon and other climatically important elements in the World Ocean
Dr. Cynthia McKenzie   Research Scientists (DFO)   Harmful algae and its relationship to shellfish and finfish aquaculture management, phytoplankton dynamics of the Newfoundland and Labrador cold ocean environment and phytoplankton nutritional value for bivalves and finfish larvae.
Dr. Robert McKinley   Professor (UBC)   Research involves relating adaptive responses observed in fish to changes in environmental conditions - ""viewing environmental change from the perspective of the animal"".
Dr. Pierre Pepin   Research Scientist (DFO)   Studies into the relative influence of physical and biological processes on the dynamics of early life history stages of fish.
Dr. Edward Trippel   Research Scientist