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Administration and Contacts

The Ocean Sciences Graduate Studies Committee is responsible for reviewing graduate applications and making recommendations for funding from the School of Graduate Studies. The Committee also deals with policy and procedures, within the overall structure of the School of Graduate Studies. This Committee includes a graduate student representative and four or more faculty members. Current (2013-2014) Committee composition is:

Dr. Matt Rise, Graduate Officer and Committee Chair (

Dr. Chris Parrish

Dr. Kurt Gamperl

Dr. Iain McGaw

Mr. Brendan Wringe (Graduate student Representative)

The Graduate Secretary is responsible for managing and maintaining all graduate student application files and managing and sending out forms. The current Graduate Secretary is Ms. Winnie Sparkes (

The Graduate Student Coordinator is responsible for all graduate student correspondence regarding program(s) and contacts; responsible for space/desk allocation; OSC orientation and policies and procedures; shuttle services; and responsible for student recruitment, student statistical data, information sessions and campus visits. The current Graduate Student Coordinator is Ms. Danielle Nichols (