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Math Requirement

For applicants who have graduated high school already and gone onto post-secondary studies, having a math course completed at the university level;  writing the MPT; or finishing a high school math course with a specific grade is not an admission requirement for the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program. These are, however, the prerequisites (PR) for Nursing 2004, Pharmacology and Nutritional Therapies, which is a required course of the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program. Current high school students need to have the required math courses completed for admission into Memorial University. Please see this link for more information on the high school math requirements.

Students will need to ensure they meet the math requirement for Nursing 2004. For students that completed high school in this province, for example, this requirement can be met by any one of the following:

· completion of Advanced Math in High School

· completion of Academic Math in High School with a final grade of at least 75%

· 3 credit hours in Mathematics excluding Statistics 2500 or equivalent.

This link includes a chart which outlines the requirements for first-year courses in Mathematics:

The Math Placement Test is coordinated through the Department of Mathematics and Statistics. More information on the Math Placement Test (MPT) can be found here.

If you have received a Transfer Credit for a math course at Memorial University you would satisfy the prerequisite for Nursing 2004.