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Other Post-Secondary Students

Students applying to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program from another post-secondary institution must submit an application to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program and to Memorial University of Newfoundland; all applicants must meet the general admission/readmission requirements of Memorial University of Newfoundland.

Four-Year Program:

The courses required for admission are:

  • Biology 2201 and 3201 or equivalents
  • Chemistry 3202 or equivalent

If both Grade 11 and Grade 12 Biology AND Grade 12 Chemistry have been successfully completed in high school, biology and chemistry courses do not have to be completed at the post-secondary level for admission into the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program. Additional course options are available by completing equivalent courses to the non-nursing courses offered at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

If you have not completed BOTH Grade 11 and Grade 12 biology courses in high school, you will have to complete two introductory biology courses at the post-secondary level. The biology courses are a pair and both must either be completed in high school OR at the post-secondary level. If you did not complete Grade 12 chemistry in high school, you will have to complete an introductory chemistry course at the post-secondary level.  

Admission averages are calculated by comparing the student's average from the last two semesters at the post-secondary level to the student's overall post-secondary average. The higher average of the two is then used for admission into the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program. 

To be competitive for admission: applicants should complete 8-10 courses in the last two semesters at the university level and obtain a 70% average and higher on those courses.

Fast-Track Option: 

Admission averages are detemined by the degree GPA or overall GPA; the higher average of the two is used for admission. A mimumin degree GPA or overall GPA of a 3.0 on a 4 point scale is the normal cutoff for admission.

The required courses for admission into the Fast-Track Option, if a degree is completed, are:

  • Biology 3053 or equivalent
  • Biochemistry 1430 or equivalent
  • Statistics 2500 or equivalent 

*Please see the Program Information page on this website for additional Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program information and admission requirements.

NOTE: Admission decisons will be emailed by the first week of June to the applicant's personal email account. Make sure to check the junk mail folder as the email may end up in that folder.

Transcripts: Students applying to the Four-Year Program or Fast-Track Option from a post-secondary institution other than Memorial University of Newfoundland, must provide a current official interim transcript by the application deadline. Students must also arrange to have all final official transcripts sent directly from the institution once the academic year is complete. Students must arrange to have transcripts sent directly to the Nursing Consortium Office.

Transfer Credits: Transfer students applying to the Four-Year Program and Fast-Track Option will have an automatic transfer credit evaluation completed (requested by the Nursing Consortium Office) once the admission application is received so as to determine if Program admission requirements have been met.

Please Note: For the Four-Year Program, only the required biology and chemistry courses along with the non-nursing courses will be evaluated for transfer credit. For the Fast-Track Option, only the required statistics, biology and biochemistry courses will be evaluated for transfer credit for admission purposes.

If students, who are admitted to the Bachelor of Nursing (Collaborative) Program, wish to investigate their transfer credits, they should contact the Transfer Credit Office at: