Bachelor of Nursing (Post-RN)

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The Bachelor of Nursing (Post-RN) Program is currently under review and is not available for admission at this time.

Accredited by Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing

Memorial University School of Nursing is proud of our accredited program, which is well recognized. We offer the BN (Post-RN) Program entirely by distance education. The program is designed for the convenience of registered nurses who wish to continue their education but cannot attend a university campus, who have family committments and/or are working.

The BN (Post-RN) program is designed to build on the knowledge and competencies that registered nurses acquire in their diploma program. The program content and learning activities are intended to broaden students' theoretical base within the context of health promotion and to provide opportunities for students to enhance skills such as critical thinking and research application.

Memorial University offers registered nurses opportunities for recognition of their prior learning experiences and regular course offerings which allow for individualized program planning. The program is designed with the students success in mind and provides timely access to the faculty and services/supports necessary for students to succeed.

Offering a Bachelor of Nursing (Post-RN) Program through distance education has opened up learning opportunities for many nurses who could not continue their education because of other commitments or because they did not have access to a university.

The BN (Post-RN) Program is designed to allow you to plan education experiences best suited to your learning needs and circumstances. The BN (Post-RN) section of the webpage contains information to help you make a decision about pursuing a nursing degree at Memorial. In this section you will find out about the program requirements and when/what courses will be offered over the next two years. A review of the prior learning assessment information will help you identify previous continuing education activities that might be applied to your nursing program.

Most students complete the degree in two or three years depending on how many courses they choose to complete each semester. However, there is no time limit for completing the program.

If you plan to apply to the program the application forms are available to you in the forms section. You will be required to send a reference and submit proof of a current RN license. For information on university departments who provide support to distance students please go to the external links.