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Netiquette is etiquette for communicating on the Internet. Whether you are sending an email or posting to an online discussion forum, you should use these guidelines.

  1. Remember that the receiver cannot detect body language or typical non-verbal cues, so be cautious with your words. Re-read your message for clarity and ambiguity before you send it.
  2. Acknowledge receipt of communication. If you cannot answer with a full reply right away, send a brief response, such as "Thanks for your email. I'll get to it as soon as I can." Even if a response is not needed, a brief reply is courteous and will let the sender know that you received the message.
  3. DO NOT USE ALL CAPITALS WHEN SPEAKING. And do not write in all bold letters. Both of these are considered as shouting and become very difficult to read. It is acceptable to use capital or bold letters sparingly for emphasis.
  4. Use emoticons or smileys appropriately. However, these can become very tiresome if overused. Some common smileys include the following:

    :-) smile :-D laugh
    ;-) wink or sarcasm :-O surprise or shock
    :-( frown :-X my lips are sealed
    %-) confused <<smile>> <<HUGS>> can also be used

  5. Personalize messages by using the receiver's name.
  6. When using the computer conferencing system, participate by offering your opinions, discussions, reflections, and insights. Encourage other participants to contribute as well.
  7. Acknowledge the contributions of others.
  8. Enforce a zero-tolerance for rude or inappropriate comments.


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