Policy Prior Learning Assessment

The School of Nursing acknowledges its support of prior learning assessment for the students of the BN (Post-RN) program. The following prior learning assessment options are available to registered nurses enrolled in the BN (Post-RN) program.

  1. Memorial University courses taken by students prior to acceptance in the BN (Post-RN) program will be reviewed to determine applicability to current program.
  2. Courses taken at other universities may be reviewed for transfer credits. This is a university wide process outlined in the University Calendar.
  3. Credit will be awarded without a challenge for the following programs taken outside an AUCC university/college: (See Section 6 Limitations)
    1. Award of 45 credit hours towards BN (Post-RN) program for diploma in nursing from an approved diploma school of nursing in Canada or equivalent.
    2. Credit for CNA Certification can be used for an unspecified nursing elective to a maximum of 3 credit hours.
    3. Credit Transfer for Nursing Unit Administration Course(NUA). Students who have completed the NUA course after 1986 should request a transfer credit evaluation of this course as equivalent to N5700 through the Office of the Register.
  4. Challenge for Credit

    For students who feel they have achieved competence in subject areas required by the BN (Post-RN) degree program through experience gained from work or learning outside the university.

    Students must be admitted to the BN(Post-RN) program. Applications for Challenge for Credit are made through the Office of the Registrar as outlined in the University Calendar. Challenges may take the form of:
    • Papers
    • Assignments
    • Exams
  5. Credit evaluation for post basic courses/programs of at least 36 hours duration taken outside an AUCC university.

    This review process would be conducted in the same way as a transcript review i.e., request is submitted to the transcript evaluation officer in the Office of the Registrar who initiates the review with the School of Nursing. The student would have to submit a transcript which documents when the course was taken, his/her level of achievement, the length of the course (in hours), the course outline and documentation if the course is approved by a provincial nursing association. At the discretion of the UGSC, students may also have to submit evidence of current employment. As with any transcript review, this process does not guarantee that credit will be awarded. A student has the option to challenge a course in the event of an unsuccessful transcript review.
  6. Limitations
    1. In addition to the block credit awarded to students for successful completion of a diploma program in nursing, the maximum amount of credit hours which can be applied to the BN (Post-RN) program, through either formal study at a non-AUCC member institution or non-formal study which has been evaluated by examination, is 6 credit hours.
    2. A further limitation: The maximum number of credit hours which can be applied to the BN (Post-RN) program for CNA Certification as an unspecified nursing elective, regardless of the number of CNA Certifications, is 3 credit hours.

Challenge Exam Request Process

  1. The student wishing to consider applying for a course challenge will contact the Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs.
  2. The Associate Director of Undergraduate Programs will request a faculty member, familiar with the challenged course, to meet with the student to explore her/his knowledge base in the subject and provide advice on whether the challenge is likely to be successful or not.[N.B. the student may skip steps 1 & 2].
  3. The student applies for a course challenge through the Register's Office and follows the guidelines found in the University Calendar under the Admission/Readmission. There is a fee associated with a course challenge.


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