Program Outline

Nurse Practitioner Primary Health Care Option
Bachelor of Nursing (Post-RN) Program Outline
111 Credit Hours
45 Nursing credit hours are normally awarded on the basis of successful completion of a diploma program in Nursing.
21 Additional credit hours required to complete the program: **It is highly recommended that these 3 electives be completed prior to commencement of the BNNP Option.**

English 3 credit hours

Statistics 2500 or equivalent or Education 2900 3 credit hours

Philosophy from the 2500-2599 series or Religious Studies 2610

42 Nursing credit hours are required:
N2230 - Teaching/Learning
N2700 - Nursing Theories in Practice
N2740 - Human Physiology
N3023 - Counselling
N3070 - Health Assessment Across the Lifespan
N3380 - Clinical Practice I
N3410 - Roles of Nurse Practitioner in Primary Health Care
N3430 - Concepts in Pharmacology Across the Lifespan
N4002 - Introduction to Nursing Research: Methodology & Critique
N4010 - Community Health Nursing I
N4310 - Community Health Nursing II
N4370 - Health Assessment Clinical Practice II
N4701 - Current Concepts in Pathophysiology
N5360 - Advanced Clinical Decision Making Clinical Practice
N5370 – Integrated Clinical Practicum
N5600 - Advanced Clinical Decision Making
N5700 - Nursing Managemen
Students are required to follow the curriculum map course sequencing for full time or part time studies.