N4754 - Clinical Dimensions of Professional Nursing Practice

Delivery Mode: Web Course
Credits: Three credit hours
Prerequisite: N2040, N2230,N2700, N3023, N4002, N4701, and N4702.

NOTE: Credit may not be obtained for both Nursing 4754 and the former Nursing 4724, Nursing 4720, Nursing 4723, Nursing 4714, Nursing 4734, and 4744.

This is a new course as of spring 2007 designed as the final clinical course for registered nurses seeking a baccalaureate degree in nursing across a variety of client populations. Students are expected to apply knowledge from this and previous nursing courses to client care situations. Students must have direct access to individuals, families or communities as clients. If you are working in a nursing position that has no direct client care contact or if you are currently unemployed, on leave etc you will need to gain access to a client population for t
this course. If you have any concerns about how you can obtain client access for

this course, consult Mrs. Claudine Morgan, Clinical Placement Coordinator at morganc@mun.ca.

Concepts covered include: Caring, Critical Thinking, Evidence-based Practice, Assessment, Intervention and Evaluation

Specific Objectives. The student:

  • While providing nursing care, reads and reflects on course materials. Critically discusses clinical experiences and course readings with fellow students and instructor via the online discussion forum.
  • Critically reflects on past or present practice scenarios to examine and advance the quality of one’s nursing practice in terms of caring, use of critical thinking and evidence to inform practice. Reflects on how elements of the nursing process can be further incorporated to improve clinical outcomes.
  • Accesses clinical policies and procedures for an assignment.
  • Identifies a clinical population to focus course readings and identifies a specific client (individual, family or community) for a case report-style assignment (Powerpoint presentation)
Course Content:
1. Nursing Process Update
2. Caring and Vigilance
3. Evidence-based Practice and Best Evidence
4. Sources of Knowledge for Clinical Practice
5. Translating Evidence into Practice
6. Understanding Critical Thinking
7. Applying Critical Thinking to Clinical Decision Making
8. Nursing Assessment and Planning
9. Interventions for Professional Nursing Practice

10. Evaluation of Nursing Care and Outcomes Measurement

Evaluation includes:
  • Several online activities and 4 clinical log entries (reflections on client scenarios and the course content for presentation on the Discussion Forum)
  • Two major assignments are required with two preliminary smaller assignments preparing the student for each major assignment.
    • The first paper involves analyzing how a current practice is supported by evidence and determining changes in the workplace to ensure evidence-based practice.
    • The second case-report assignment is a presentation that describes the student’s assessment framework, key interventions and evaluation methods for a specified population. A client will be described to portray the student’s clinical approach.

To receive credit for N4754, students must achieve a course composite grade of 65%.


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