N3200 - Transcultural Nursing

Delivery Mode: Web course
Credits: Three credit hours
Prerequisite: Admission to the BN program

Overview: This course will sensitize students to the importance of recognizing the diversity of the culturally-determined health-related values, beliefs and practices of people when planning professional interventions for their health and well-being.  Focus is also on caring and curing patterns and practices in relation to different health-illness systems in Canada and elsewhere.  Methods for conducting culturological assessments are also included.

Course Objectives:

  • Be aware of their own cultural values and beliefs related to health practice.
  • Develop knowledge and understanding about culture and its influence on health beliefs and practices.
  • Appreciate and respect the cultural values and beliefs of clients related to health and illness.
  • Develop competency in evaluating the effectiveness of culturally sensitive and relevant health care delivery.
  • Recognize the existence of biological variations among ethnic groups.
  • Integrate cultural assessment with health assessment and develop nursing diagnoses and a care plan based on the assessment.
  • Integrate cultural concepts with counseling skills learned in an earlier course.
  • Recognize the detrimental effects of ethnocentrism, cultural stereotyping, prejudice, cultural imposition, and blindness which have the potential for generating conflict between clients and health care providers.
  • Recognize that effective health care services must take account of the client's cultural beliefs and values.

Course Content:

Unit 1  -  Major Concepts in Transcultural Nursing and Anthropology
Unit 2  -  Cultural Phenomena
Unit 3  -  Transcultural Nursing and Concepts of Care
Unit 4  -  Biologic Variations
Unit 5  -  Cultural Heritage and Multiculturalism in Canada
Unit 6  -  Cultural Assessment
Unit 7  -  The Health of First Nations and Inuit People of Canada
Unit 8  -  Refugees in Canada
Unit 9  -  Cultural Applications in Clinical Settings: Childbirth and Culture
Unit 10  -  Children's Health, Child-Rearing, and Culture
Unit 11  -  Mental Health: Culture, Poverty and Prejudice
Unit 12  -  International Health and the Culture of Nursing

Evaluation: To receive credit for N3200, students must achieve a course composite grade of 65%.  The student is evaluated through a cultural assessment, paper, and final examination.