N3023 - Counselling

Delivery Mode: Web Course
Credits: Three credit hours
Prerequisite: Admission to the BN (Post RN) program

Overview: This course is designed to help students build on their knowledge of the communication process inherent in a helping relationship, and to use this knowledge to further develop their counselling skills with individual clients.

Course Objectives:

  • Discuss major theoretical and philosophical views regarding the nature of person
  • Discuss personal philosophical views of person and the influence of these views on the professional relationship
  • Explain the basic concepts of communication / counselling theory
  • Apply the components of the communication/ counselling process by:

discussing the barriers to and enhancers of effective therapeutic communication/counseling,

identifying clinical situations where clients could have benefitted from effective therapeutic communication,

applying communication theory to hypothesize how situations described above may have been improved.

  • Compare personal values and beliefs with those of clients and/or colleagues
  • Identify the ethical and legal responsibilities of the nurse in individual and group counseling sessions
  • Analyze simulated individual counselling situations integrating the major components of communication
  • Practice and examine own communication/counselling skills (verbal and nonverbal) in light of selected counselling theories and concepts
  • Examine the nurse's role in a variety of situations with clients who need counselling

Course Content:

Unit 1  -  Helping and Interpersonal Skills
Unit 2  -  Counselling
Unit 3  -  Counselling and nursing
Unit 4  -  Values/Ethical decision making
Unit 5  -  Introduction to Egan's Model and Step I-A
Unit 6,7,8  -  Egan's Helping Model
Unit 9  -  Counselling in Specific Nursing Contexts

Evaluation: To receive credit for N3023, the student must achieve a course composite grade of at least 65%.  The student is evaluated through workbook and video assignments and a final exam.

For Further information contact:

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