N2230 - Teaching/Learning


Delivery Mode: Web Course
Credits: Three credit hours
Prerequisite: Registered Nurse

Overview: This course introduces the student to the theories, principles and methods of learning and teaching and to their application in nursing practice.

Course Objectives:

Knowledge of Human Being

  • describe the basic concepts and tenets of teaching and learning theories.
  • describe the general principles of teaching/learning as they apply to individuals of different age groups.
  • apply principles and methods of teaching in selected situations.

Knowledge of Environment

  • identify environmental and sociocultural factors which influence learning.

Knowledge of Nursing

  • discuss the educator role in nursing.
  • indicate the influence that professional nursing standards and health care institution accreditation documents have on this role.

Competency of Communication

  • identify communication difficulties which have an impact on teaching and learning.

Competency of Reasoning/Learning

  • develop a teaching plan for a patient based on the teaching process.
  • propose creative and/or innovative approaches to a hypothetical or actual clinical teaching situation.

Attitudes towards Clients

  • discuss the components of client compliance and how it relates to motivation to learn.

Attitudes toward the Profession

  • identify legal and professional mandates to support the dimension of education as nursing caring.
  • discuss influences in health care today which affect the nurse's role of educator.


Attitudes toward Self

  • use constructive evaluation from peers and faculty to enhance learning and professional development.
  • identify factors that influence one's own learning.
  • appraise one's own learning styles.
  • analyze the impact of self in teaching learning situations.

Course Content:

Unit 1  -  Health education and nursing
  • Legislation
  • Professional responsibility
  • Moral responsibility
Unit 2  -  Theories and Principles of Learning
  • Learning Styles.
Unit 3  -  Theories and principles of Teaching
  • The teaching process
Unit 4  -  Selecting, Preparing and Using materials (Written & Internet)
Unit 5  -  Needs assessment - What does the patient want or need to know?
Unit 6  -  Assessing patients
  • Health Status
  • Development
  • Readiness to learn
  • Motivation
Unit 7  -  Planning - What and when to teach
Unit 8  -  Implementing - How to teach
Unit 9  -  Teaching across cultures
Unit 10  -  Evaluation of Outcomes
  • Compliance

Evaluation: To receive credit for N2230, students must achieve a course composite grade of at least 65 per cent.  The student is evaluated through discussion exercises, minor paper, major paper and a final examination.

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