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Faculty Research Interests


Karen Dobbin-Williams








 Debbie Beck

PhD, associate professor

  • Perceived levels and sources of stress in university professional schools, particularly nursing schools; the effect of personality disorder in clients suffering depression; use of the socialization scale in identification of individuals with personality disorders.

Donna Best

MN, A.C.N.P., associate professor

  • Nursing research development; nutrition; cardiovascular disease and risk factors; adolescence smoking; community assessments; student academic progress.

Andrea Brennan-Hunter

M.N., assistant professor

  • Pain in children; parental advocacy; intervention strategies for helping children manage procedures; adolescent smoking; student progress in nursing.

Mary Bursey

M.Sc.(N)., assistant professor

  • Gerontology; cardiovascular nursing.

Margaret (Peggy) Daly

M.N., assistant professor

  • Stroke rehabilitation in the younger population from a nursing perspective; bridging the gap between current research and nursing practice; relational ethics - the use of this ethical approach for nurses dealing with families experiencing chronic illness with a child.

Doreen Dawe

M.Sc., associate professor

  • Nurses’ perceptions of spiritual care; women’s perceptions of children’s program needs in shelters; design in long-term care; elder abuse; focus group research evaluating services for unwed mothers.

Alice Gaudine

PhD, professor, adjunct professor, Dalhousie University, 2002-2007

  • Nursing leadership; nurses’ ethical conflicts; employee absenteeism; transfer of training; emotion.

Lan Gien

PhD, professor, adjunct professor, Dalhousie University, 2002-2007

  • Women’s health; primary health care; population health; intercultural health research; program evaluation.


Anne Kearney

PhD, assistant professor, joint appointment to Faculty of Medicine

  • breast screening practice and application of screening evidence to health policy, interprofessional education and collaborative practice, quality of life with chronic illness, and nursing work life, and patient safety.

Sandra LeFort

PhD, associate professor, adjunct professor, Dalhousie University, 2002-2007

  • Self-care/self-management of chronic pain; pain assessment and management; knowledge exchange and translation; advanced practice nursing roles; ethical practice issues; telehomecare; evaluation.

Sandra MacDonald

PhD, associate professor

  • Community health needs and resources assessment; program evaluation; critical care nursing; nursing management, leadership qualities and styles.

Robert Meadus

M.Sc.(N). assistant professor

  • Families and mental health; coping with mental health issues; men in nursing; children living with mentally-ill parents; adolescents with mood disorders.

Judy Moody

MN, assistant professor

  • Learning disabilities (children and adults); people with disabilities and the barriers that keep them from locating employment; health promotion and literacy issues.

Donna Moralejo

PhD, professor

  • Infection control, surveillance; population/public health; evidence-based practice.

Karen Parsons

D.N.Sc., assistant professor

  • Gerontology, Alzheimer’s disease/memory loss; Heideggarian hermeneutic phenomenology, family care-giving for older adults.

Sandra Small

MScN, associate professor

  • Respiratory health, including aspects of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; asthma and youth smoking; parenting children about risk factors.

Shirley Solberg

PhD, associate professor, associate director (Graduate Program and Research), adjunct professor, Dalhousie University, 2002-2007

  • Determinants of women’s health, (caregiving, social inclusion, food security), women’s occupational health with a focus on work-related musculoskeletal disorders, aging and health, international aspects of women’s health, care across the cancer continuum – focus on prevention and patient experiences, and tobacco control.

Creina Twomey

MN, assistant professor

  • Psychosocial adaptation to chronic illness; quality of life; psychometrics; clinical epidemiology and community health; community health needs and resources; men in nursing.

Chris Way

PhD, associate professor, joint appointment with Faculty of Medicine

  • End-stage renal disease and life on dialysis; impact of healthcare reforms on provider groups; evaluation of programs for women at risk during pregnancy; chronic illnesses.

Karen Webber

MN, associate professor

  • Acute and chronic illness management; cardiovascular disease management; pain management.

Doreen Westera

MScN, associate professor

  • Community health nursing; spirituality and health; adolescent issues.